The different types of jacuzzi tubs on offer

Before deciding to buy or install a Jacuzzi you must first of all consider the main purpose your Jacuzzi tub will serve or the usage you will get from it; you may like to use it for just relaxation or pleasure, for health and medical purpose or for your home physical therapy, as a Jacuzzi spa to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere after a rude and busy journey, for fun and entertainment for family parties indoor or out, or just to create a more relaxing bathroom with a more pleasurable environment.

In any of the cases once you’ve chosen the purpose for wanting jacuzzi tubs, you can now choose or decide of the type of Jacuzzi tub you will like to purchase and that will suit your convenience. This is the reason why we offer to you a long list of all the different types of Jacuzzi tubs with suitable prices and of high quality. Below are some examples of the different types of Jacuzzi on offer;

Whirlpool Jacuzzi tub

This type can pump air or water through jets, situated in strategic places of the tub. The air and water jets have a specific role that is the air gently massages the skin while the water jets can be used to massage tired or injured muscles.

Air-bath Jacuzzi tub

These tub provides hydrotherapy with a technic that uses air to blow through the water. It can have a soothing effect and are even more relaxing than water jets.

Heather Jacuzzi tub

While most Jacuzzi can operate with both hot and cold water, the heater Jacuzzi tubs can provide blasts of hot air or water that can stimulate muscles and improve relaxation.

Steam shower Jacuzzi tub

This type generates steam that adds to heat moisture. These are great for cleansing the body and face overall.

Bathtub Jacuzzi

If you have a small space in your bathroom and want to insert a Jacuzzi don’t worry a bathtub is all what you need. It is only slightly bigger than a normal bath and there exist various versions like oval or corner tubs that can be used. They can also be ordered with shower heads to operate like shower instead of bath.

You may also be interested to the different shapes of Jacuzzi tubs which include rectangular, oval, kidney shape, square or round, with all these diversity why not come to Tropic spa and get your Jacuzzi tub.

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