Top of the range jacuzzi tubs on sale now !

Since ancient times, Jacuzzi baths have been instrumental for self-care and socializing with others. Create a similar spa spot at home with a relatively inexpensive inflatable hot tub. Soaking in a Jacuzzi is a healthy and natural way to unwind, relieve stress, reduce pain through vascular dilation, and improve sleep. More than a mere kiddie pool, an inflatable hot tub is deep, holds clean water, heats up water sanitarily and blows massaging bubbles. Its pump inflates and deflates it, providing flexibility to blow it up whenever you need it, put it wherever you like and flatten it for storage.

Intex Pure Jacuzzi Bubble Massage Spa

Made with puncture-resistant, three-ply laminated material and fibre glass-composite construction, the Intex Pure Jacuzzi Bubble Massage Spa is strong, durable, and comfortable. The sides are super sturdy for sitting on the bottom is surprisingly soft. The rigid walls are also great as they provide support for climbing in and out of the tub safely. Easy to set up, take down, and move around, this jacuzzi tubs is simple to maintain.

Bestway saluspa Miami air jet

This tub is not going to break the bank, but still offers a pleasant and relaxing bubble jet experience. It could be described as an inexpensive option for someone looking for an entry-level inflatable hot tub. Although it lacks a few bells and whistles, it still rates as a solid performer. And solid it is. Made of Tri-Tech, a three-ply reinforced material featuring a polyester mesh core encased in two layers of PVC, the tub is extremely tough. It has a heating system that warms the water quickly and efficiently but also a water-filtration system that ensures that the water in the tub is as clean as it can be.

Coleman SaluSpa

The tub has strong walls made of three-ply reinforced material with a sturdy I-beam design; you can sit on the comfortably cushioned floor and lean up against the stable walls or even sit on top of them and still feel secure.

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