Making sure you lead a healthy lifestyle

Nowadays, everyone talks about hydrotherapy. However, when these products are mentioned , their applications, their possible therapeutic virtues. Before going for tubs for sale, Who knows, for instance , that the hydromassage of Jacuzzi bathtubs is draining because it massages from rock bottom to the upper body?

What is hydromassage?

Hydromassage refers to an "external crenotherapy": that's , a practice that puts the body in touch with the substance used for therapy, in our case, water with the appliance of water jets at defined pressures. The treatment lasts about 20 minutes. The patient then rests for a further fifteen minutes. Particular attention is paid to the planning of bathtubs with hydromassage and spas in order that the position of the jets is, undue to chance, but studied to focus on specific areas and take under consideration the morphological peculiarities and ultimately optimize the consequences of hydrotherapeutic action. for instance , the bath jets are oriented towards the upper body, from the soles of the feet to the bust, to market blood circulation.

The right temperature

The heat has the particularity to appease the pain. This effect is perhaps thanks to the onset of hypemia which may have a beneficial effect on venous stasis. consistent with some authors, the action on the thermo-sensitive nerve endings of the skin could even help neutralize the reference to the sensory nerves. additionally , predicament promotes blood flow and facilitates muscle relaxation. A water temperature above that of the body is taken into account warm, above 40 degrees Celsius as extremely popular , above 46 degrees Celsius, it can't be supported for quite a couple of seconds.

The theurapeutic properties

Hydromassage are able to do remarkable effects within the treatment of pathologies associated with problems of blood circulation within the legs but also in cases of osteoarthritis, chronic extra-articular inflammatory rheumatism and traumatic or surgical consequences. Balneotherapy, especially through hydromassage, can have a beneficial effect within the treatment of venous diseases. Hydromassage baths also are a stimulating remedy for chronic rheumatism and fibromyalgia

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