Discover this book to help you rent a yacht

Discover the pleasures of river tourism aboard your boat. As a couple, with family or friends, take off for a weekend, a few days or a week, for a river cruise in complete freedom.

River cruises

Enjoy an unforgettable stay aboard your riverboat without a license, equipped to accommodate from 2 to 12 people in the greatest comfort. Depending on your wishes, the themes of this cruise will be selected from the menu so that everyone can spend an exceptional stay on board. Be inspired by the suggestions of thematic cruises, and locate the pictograms on our tourist maps to help you choose your fluvial itinerary.

Some areas are more endowed than others but every day new owners join the boat harbour. The diversity of referenced boats is important in terms of age, size or equipment, so it is normal to see on the site price differences for relatively similar boats on the same navigation basin.

Regarding the types of boat, they are all represented

For motor boats, you can find semi-rigid hull and open hull, flat, small cabin dinghy, habitable star show trawler and yacht. For yacht charter that you can find on monohulled boats, of course, catamaran, some trimaran and more rarely some sports dinghy type gear, hobby cat, paddle or kitesurf and even types of fishing boats. We now invite you to come and visit the world at your convenience, regions and its many ports spread over almost all oceans. In the immediate vicinity you may find a boat in Belgium, for example if you want to sail in the Channel, go to the United Kingdom or the North Sea. Farther south and in countries where the water and the air are at pleasant temperatures all year long, you may be tempted to discover a yacht charter greece and its many regions and islands which are so many navigation spots, as is Croatia's outstanding water body or the great diversity of Turkey and its attractive coastline for boaters, especially to the northwest of the Bosporus.

To help you in your navigation, here is a non-exhaustive list of countries for which you will find rent a boat croatia and yachts for rent between individuals.

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