Boat hire Italy with Samboat

Samboat is an isolated boat rental website based on the collaborative ingesting model. The community platform relays owners and renters of boats in France and Europe. The site proposes multi risk protection through a partnership with the MAIF. The site has an extensive choice of models from the sailboat to the motorboat, passing by the catamaran. You will find a boat to go to sea, for all the pleasures and all the resources.

Rent a boat at a low price to a particular owner

The platform, just like Airbnb with suites and accommodation, connects boat owners with possible boat renters all over Europe to lower costs. It acts as a reliable mediator assuring a rigorous control on all reservations, and on the organization of payment and deposit. Based on a reliable community, Samboat ensure the highest level of transparency to both boat owners and renters. Moreover, the website allows users to leave a comment on boat owners, renters and boats. The rental offer of private boats on the website is completed by the association with the collaboration of yacht charter companies, so to allow for the best offer to the most convenient price.

Choose your boat according to the price and availability

Pleasure lovers, Italy will delight your desire for escapade thanks to the four seas that border it Ligure, Tyrrhenian, Ionian and Adriatic. The moderate climate which it benefits will make your navigation very agreeable. Search for the ideal boat based on price, size or availability. When you have found the boat of your dreams, fill in your profile and send a booking request to the owner. With a strong maritime potential, Italy has developed its ports and nautical activities and it is now not uncommon to see the boat hire Italy is practiced.

Tuscany Boat Rental

Charter a private boat from Tuscany and explore other navigation areas next to Tuscany. For those who want to enjoy the sea, exotic colors and cuisine that will surely be the best destination for them. When charttering a boat to Tuscany in Italy, you can ask for a skipper in order to enjoy better sailing experience. SamBoat clients, who have always left very positive comments, have mostly chosen the Mediterranean area and the Cote d’Azur. As for the Italian destinations, do not hesitate to make a boat hire italy to the Gulf of Naples, Sicily and Tuscany are the most appreciated.

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