A private cruise can be an option this summer

For the summer, everyone dreams of a private cruise, but very few realize it! And yet, no need to be wealthy or know how to navigate to have the opportunity to live this exceptional experience. For a week or a weekend, it's a new and original way to design your holidays. In order to better inform you on the subject, read this!

Private cruising: where to start?

Private cruises are a popular activity for many tourists around the world, so you can now enjoy a private cruise just about anywhere a boat can sail! Whether on one of the Canadian lakes, on a river in Europe or in the Pacific Ocean, it does not matter, there will be a boat waiting for you. There are many options, so it's up to you first to determine which destination you like the most.

Your benefits for summer cruises

Enjoy a well deserved holiday on your own crewed boat and enjoy moments of pure happiness with family or friends. On board, in most private cruises, the type of gastronomy and activities offered, can also be personalized, according to your desires and your energy level. Whether you want to experience jet-ski thrills or pamper yourself with a selection of spa treatments, ending with sunset cocktails in your hot tub ... you just have to request.

Rental formula

There are several rental options for private cruises. Depending on the type of boat rented and what you are looking for as an experience, you will be able to fly it or you will be able to rent the services of a skipper and in the case of large boats, a full crew with a leader if you want it. This "all inclusive" formula is more and more fashionable and allows to spend a unique holiday and without any worry thanks to the presence of the crew who takes care of everything.

So, remember that you do not have to go to the other side of the world to enjoy a private cruise. What matters most is the experience and the people with whom we share that experience. Good luck!

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