A jacuzzi bath, yes it is possible!

This invitation alone evokes pleasure, well-being and relaxation. For about twenty years, the spa has become commonplace: any hotel establishment worthy of the name must offer it in addition to the essential swimming pool. Synonymous with five-star stays in Spain, Morocco or in the Tropics, the spa has finally established itself in charming hotels, lodges and castles, and guesthouses ... Even in our "home sweet homes". At the hotel, this hot tub (or jacuzzi) is often accompanied by a sauna or a hammam in a luxurious space totally dedicated to well-being.

Very pleasant spa moments

Local beauty rituals, wraps with green clay or rassoul and massage sessions with oils scented with rose, orange blossom or ylang ylang are added. If in a common sense, the spa today means both hot tubs, a jacuzzi or a fitness center, the etymology of the word comes from the thermal spa of Spa, in Belgium. It would therefore have been linked with balneotherapy rather than with thalassotherapy which is practiced with sea water. In addition to being soft, the spa water is hot which allows it to be enjoyed all year round. , outdoors. However, if the idea of ​​indulging you in a treat, you may want to buy yourself a spa from us. We have been in the sale of spas for several years and we have always known how to make the happiness of our customers who are 100% satisfied. Install an indoor spa and create your own relaxation area ... Luxury, calm and voluptuousness at home! So surf the wave: you could not escape the spa, the spa is invited into our homes and you will inevitably find a specialist or a large brand, ready to install it for you! Simple to install, easy to use, and moreover, it's user-friendly: don't hesitate to share your spa with your friends too! With ease.

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