An ozonator for your spa


The ozonator, the invention that can clean the water in your spa. 100% natural, the ozonator is ultra efficient. If you have the idea of ​​buying a hot tub, think about buying one. To find out how this complex device works, this article is for you. Ozonator? What's this ? An ozonator is a water filtration accessory for spas. It is an automatic and natural generator to disinfect waste water from spas and swimming pools. To do this, the oxygen is transformed into ozone. Composed of a suppressor, a transformer and an air dryer, the ozonator produces ozone from the ambient air that it draws in according to the procedure: Using ultraviolet light: just like the natural mechanism of ozone production, by breaking down oxygen molecules to obtain ozone · By coronary discharge or by ionization: breaking the oxygen molecules by passing the ambient air through strong electrical discharges. Once recovered, the ozone is then introduced in the form of air bubbles into the air filtration circuit. In this circuit, it is mixed with the waste water. After mixing the waste water with the ozone, disinfection takes place almost instantly. However, a high concentration of ozone in water is very dangerous and that is why it is injected into the filtration circuits. The ozonator, a better disinfectant If you want to find a practical and effective disinfectant, the ozonator is the accessory for you. It eliminates all the micro-organisms present in the waste water. The quality of the water, its color, its taste and even its smell, everything is improved by the ozonator. And all of this happens naturally. It also reduces the allergenic effect by considerably reducing the amount of chlorine present in the water. And if you still doubt it, know that the ozonator is used today in several fields such as industry, catering or even public swimming pools. Proof that the ozonator is effective. How to install it? To install an ozonator at home, for the more do-it-yourselfers, well, the best way is to call a professional. Indeed, the installation of an ozonator is very complex and must be made to measure. Finally, if you don't have this accessory yet, go get it quickly with indoor hot tubs for sale at Tropicspa.

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