Where to install a jacuzzi bathtub at home

Balneotherapy consists of immersing one's body in a water bath for therapeutic as well as relaxation purposes. The spas produce both sensations, relaxation and virtues, that's why we install it at home.

Indoor or outdoor Jacuzzi?

This is the first question to ask before getting equipped. The answer is, of course, a function of the space available and the configuration of the place. Installing a jacuzzi in its interior requires some prerequisites. It must have well sealed walls and have a consistent and resistant floor to support the weight of the jacuzzi + the weight of the water + the weight of its occupants. Install an effective dehumidification, ventilation and aeration system to evacuate moisture released by evaporation of water. And finally, have a doorway wide enough to accommodate the large machine.

Know the budget of having a jacuzzi at home

From the low-cost inflatable jacuzzi at €500 to the luxury jacuzzi at €50,000 there is a whole range of choices and prices. In any case, you will have to choose between a Jacuzzi, or portable Jacuzzi and a built-in Jacuzzi buried or semi-buried. The maintenance of the jacuzzi bathtub obviously gets a cost that should not be neglected in the forecast of your purchase. Cover your hot tub when you are not using it, treat the water in your spa (and renew it) on a regular basis, clean the tank, check the quality of the water (pH, hardness) are all parameters to which it is appropriate to think before getting equipped but also once equipped. Depending on the space, you have available you will install your tub machine in the bathroom or better, in a dedicated room.

Trendy and pampering, the jacuzzi also often takes place under the veranda where it allows to enjoy the view without having to worry about the weather. So, better you collaborate with a specialist to buy a spa.


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