The heat and the wellbeing from a jacuzzi bathtub

Over the years, jacuzzi bathtub has become much more than just an innovative home accessory, making them a supportive element for the body, because with their technology they can relax or tone the body as needed.

The spa bath

The hydromassage bath is a precious stopover for relaxation before a facial or body treatment, to better enjoy this meeting with you. Much more than a simple immersion in well-being, the hydromassage with adjustable jets of a mixture of air and water has many virtues:

  • A state of letting go, so much sought after in our frenetic era

  • A feeling of lightness

  • A relaxation assured because of the heat. The temperature is between 34 and 38 ° C depending on the need (muscle relaxation or nervous)

  • Aquatic massage increases the production of euphoric endorphins (pleasure hormones).

  • Evacuate the stress

  • Elimination of toxins: The heat expands the pores and increases the blood flow

  • Elimination of dead cells

  • Stimulates the blood circulation which brings a positive effect on the cardiovascular system

  • Stimulates muscle tone and digestion

  • Reduces back pain, muscle tension, neck or shoulder pain, arthritis, sports injuries ...

  • Inhalation of water vapor is recommended in case of colds, flu, sinusitis, bronchitis, and asthma

  • Participates in the remodeling of the body

  • Tones the body deeply

  • Facilitates the removal of orange peel

Thanks to their multiple massage jets, and water heated to 37 °, diffusing the chromotherapy, this massage by the water relieves the body and the mind, while providing relaxation and well-being. Alone or with two, they are used as well to spend a simple moment of relaxation as to produce a more therapeutic effect.

So, if you have a Jacuzzi tub at home, you will not only have a place to make your personal toilet, but you will also have a spa that offers a complete therapeutic opportunity.


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